If you are here, it might because you or someone in your family has received a terminal diagnosis. Perhaps you have been given an estimated time or perhaps not. You may be facing treatment.You may be praying for a miracle and perhaps are not in a place of having to accept death anytime soon. That is ok. This website is about you and your family living every moment in the best way possible. The Bible tells us it is wise to prepare for the future. Looking at issues surrounding death will only help prepare you and your loved ones for death even if that will be far into the future. Looking at the issues will not hasten nor delay that time for you.In any case, your life has changed forever—not only your life, but the lives of those closest to you. You have come to the right place. Remember, your heavenly Father has not forgotten about you. Jesus will take your hand, if you will let Him, and guide you down the path of this journey you find yourself on.

Help For Families