​Perhaps the first emotion you feel is fear. This fear can be overwhelming. You might feel cold, nauseous, panicky. You may fear pain, the loss of the ability to work, or care for yourself. Sometimes there is the fear that you won’t be able to be a good parent, spouse, or friend. God knows about fear and He addresses it with love and compassion. In the Psalms, David frequently cries out in fear and is comforted.

Guilt is not uncommon. You may feel that you did not do enough to prevent the disease from getting to this point. You worry that you have let others down. In some ways, almost all of us are to blame for not taking perfect care of ourselves. No one purposefully tries to get sick. You may need to forgive yourself and your loved ones. Jesus forgives us of our mistakes if we ask Him. In fact, He died so that we would not have to pay the price.

Anger is another feeling you will probably feel if you have not already. What has happened to you is not fair. Not only that, but people WILL let you down sometimes, because of misunderstandings, because they are not able to help, or perhaps because they are involved with their own lives. 

Common Emotions