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  • Continuing education for the medical field

Special focus

This category includes:

  • "​Helping Families Face a Life-threatening Illness"

  • "What to Say to Someone With a Life-threatening Illness"

  • "Talking and Listening Through the Roar"

  • "Common Emotions That can Overwhelm"

  • "Spiritual Crisis​"

Stand alone lectures We offer 5 different lectures  to fit into one hour and are designed to appeal to anyone interested in exploring more about this topic. They are appropriate for Bible studies, staff meetings, or volunteer training groups.

  1. Journey I--"Starting the Conversation" This series of three classes is dedicated to issues most commonly experienced by families facing a life-threatening illness. Topics such as communication challenges, common emotions, and planning for the future,
  2. Journey II--​"Where is God in the Process" This second block of three weeks addresses how life seems to change almost everyone who is involved. Ideas for coping with this change are explored. Sometimes spiritual questions loom over people. Sometimes they are afraid to talk about these. This is a safe place to ask questions such as, "Why did God let this happen," and "What really happens when we die?"
  3. Journey III--"A Time of Healing" The third block covers some of the worst, but also the best experiences when the illness progresses. Tough issues are covered, such as how to make end-of-life decisions, and what happens at the very end of life. This group of classes is called a time of healing because we explore how closely God seems to be, how he blesses us and cares for us. ​


What we offer:

Educational class/support groups These are for individuals and families currently coping with a potentially life-threatening illness. The illness does not have to be in its final phases. People are encouraged to attend early in the process. These groups are offered in clusters we call  "journeys" lasting 3 weeks each. Attend one or all three. The series is called "Help for Families: Facing a Life-threatening Illness Holding Christ's Hand."