Class Content

Journey I--Starting the Conversation

Session 1: A Life-threatening Illness is a Family Experience

       Key Concepts
       A terminal diagnosis affects the whole family dramatically
       Terminal illness causes special difficulties
       Life changes forever
       The Lord is with you, holding your hand

Session 2: Coping with a Terminal Illness

       Key Concepts
       Common emotions
       Special problems caused by terminal illnesses
       Good communication is very important
       How to ask for help

Session 3: Planning for the Future

        Key Concepts
       Important steps to take/documents to identify
       Modifying your environment to accommodate physical changes
       Searching for resources
       Settle unfinished business
       Advance Directives, POLST, and Wills
       Planning the funeral

Journey II--Where is God in the Turmoil?

Session 4: Living with Change

        Key Concepts
       How children react
       Learning a new normal
       Focus on wellness
       Taking care of the caregiver
       Don’t let the disease define who you are 

Session 5: Dealing with the Why

       Key Concepts
       Why is this happening to you?
       Where is God in all of this?
       What are the biblical explanations for suffering?
       Christ understands your suffering.

Session 6: Heaven and Other Things

       Key Concepts
       About Heaven
       Will we get new bodies?
       About crowns
       About Judgment Day
       About Hell 

Journey III--A Time of Healing

Session 7: Difficult Decisions

       Key Concepts
       Continuing treatment or stopping
       Palliative care/Hospice
       Inpatient hospice/hospital
       The use of pain medication
       When to choose more treatment, when to stop
       Keeping in home or moving to another setting
       The right-to-die from a biblical perspective
       Deciding when to stop life support

Session 8: Later Stages

       Key Concepts
       Preparing for the end
       Fear of death--blessed assurance
       The physical aspects of dying
       Keeping the vigil
       Bringing the family together
       Saying goodbye

Session 9: Eternal Purpose

       Key Concepts
       The answer to the question of why
       A terminal illness can change the family forever
       God's symphony orchestra in the last days
       Passing the blessing
       What does your unique journey look like?
       How has God touched your family?

“Help for Families:
Facing a Life-threatening Illness Holding Christ’s Hand”
Series of 9 sessions offered in 3 blocks of 3