A terminal diagnosis deals a powerful blow, not only to the patient receiving it, but to the family as well. Many feelings such as fear, grief, anger, and anxiety are felt as strongly by the family as the patient--sometimes more strongly. Treatment options, life decisions, even the general wellbeing of the patient can be affected by the dynamics of the family unit. 

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"In recent years, I’ve noticed what an impact church has had on Mom, and not just spiritually." Read more from Jason Lewis who specializes in improving physical, mental, and spiritual health for seniors.

Helping families face a life-threatening illness holding Christ's hand

Jesus suffered greatly too. He said,Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 (KJV). These words of comfort not only apply to individuals, but to the entire family unit.

Every member of the family can be in crisis. Every member needs God to help them cope. Is this you? Are you or your loved one struggling with cancer, or Alzheimer's, ALS, COPD, or maybe heart failure? Although the medical treatment of the disease may vary, the challenges to the family have many common factors. God's Word is the best place to find the tools you need to help you through, what for many, may be the most difficult experience you will ever have.

our mission:

Wilderness Journey Ministries is dedicated to helping individuals and families cope with the spiritual, emotional, and practical difficulties of living with a life-threatening illness, from diagnosis to death and all phases in between. Our mission is to reflect God’s love so that it shines into the dark and difficult times of a terminal illness.